6 x 16oz - Dinowax Arsenal Rack w/ Our Complete Dinowax Line-Up!

Buy our "Arsenal Rack" filled with our complete Dinowax line-up and save BIGGLY! Basically you pay for the rack and 4 wax products and get 2 more at NO CHARGE.  I know, we said we would never bundle, but this set-up looked so cool we had to do it.  Sponsors and Affiliates will still qualify for additional discounts.  The rack looks black in the picture, it's actually a medium gun-metal gray.

REMEMBER: Our Affiliates are a great way to buy.  They get huge discounts and bundle all kinds of accessories like cool edgeless towels and unique foamers.  Check them out on Instagram or DM us for a listing of Affiliates near you.

Customer Reviews

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Best bang for your buck!

Great rack with all the products you will need

Fantastic deal!

For the money, you get a lot of product. This is my current go-to for detail work and replaced a lot of more expensive items that often aren't even as good as what Dinowax provides.

Great stuff!

Bought this product last week. Used it on 3 cars already and it works great!

Heard good this about Dinowax

Going try Dinowax complete kit on a winter car using these products to get it ready for the winter . Plus will have YouTube Videos on Dinowax . Ouzo lou


Recieved my arsenal rack and it was really nice..only thing I found wrong with it is the rack itself was a little bent and scratched..other than that the product seems to work fairly nice..thank you


Really great products from cutting creme to final stage polish!! 5 stars for sure

Well made and looks great

I have this rack on the wall in my garage. It looks great and keeps everything conveniently located in one spot. It also has everything you need to keep your paint looking great. Can’t bet it for the price!

Great Product!

This kit comes with everything you could ever need!

Hands down best kit in industry

How can you beat this deal? And once you use the products you’ll ask yourself that question again. Dinowax delivers QUALITY at affordable prices! Don’t be fooled by catchy labels and vibrant colors. Dinowax surpasses them all at 1/2 the cost!

Honest opinion

Let me start with the smell, all of the rack products smelled wonderful, especially the glaze. Maybe it was me user fault error or maybe my polisher, but I tried to use a Maxshine DA long throw polisher with an attached hex logic CG pad using the cutting Creme (orange sickle) and I had good success in the beginning, mind you it was extremely hot which may attest to my issue. After a while the compound began to stick and throw a lot of dust, which isn’t uncommon, but the surface area I was working on the back right panel of my truck actually looked worse. Again, I’m not attributing to the product, again I believe it could be my own fault somewhere in the midst of all of it. Otherwise, the synthetic sealant is amazing great shine, easy off. Haven’t used the wax just yet! Throw me some pointers if you have time!

Heat is not your friend. Heat is a natural catalyst that causes everything to work faster. Often, faster than your able to keep up with it. When the temp is hot, WAX products will flash early and your left polishing without enough lubrication. The Cutting Creme is a very extreme product to use for most clear coat paint. For general detailing I would work with products in the 3 to 5 range. Keep it cool by shading the work space the best you can.

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