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Formulated with Purpose for Professional Detailers

Dinowax detailing concentrates have been sold to the detailing community for the last 20 years, to thousands of professionals, in one of the most competitive detailing markets anywhere, Orange County, CA. With Dinowax, you clean a car faster, with better results and best of all, if you're a professional... you'll make more money. Check-out our pricing. Check-out our quality. Check-out the active % solids concentrations. Then you'll understand our commitment and the value of the Dinowax brand.

Our Dinowax name comes from the wax ingredient used in our Cleaning Polish, Micronizing Glaze and Express Wax. These patent-pending, Teflon® fortified, detailing emulsions use a form of Carnauba-like wax derived from fossilized plants once living 40 million years ago!  A prehistoric wax so tough, it survived millions of years of heat, pressure, stratification and yet remained chemically unchanged. Today, Dinowax is mined from deposits located in Germany's Black Forest, (a former prehistoric jungle). From these deposits the wax is extracted to an exceptional purity. 

At Dinowax we list our % solids in our descriptions so you can compare our concentrated quality to that of our competitors. If your current supplier can't provide active % solids for their products, (or they simply don't understand the question) then chances are you're buying from a company with a fan-boy following, fancy labels and reselling products made by someone else.

Over the years, we've evolved Dinowax to meet the needs of our professional detailing customers. Our product development team is our local detailing community.  Our complete Dinowax line is formulated, blended and packaged completely in-house. Dinowax is manufacturer direct, industry leading technology. Our waxes are patent-pending, reverse emulsions that deliver detergent resistant, shine enhancement ingredients like no other.  

  • We don't buy private label, we don't supply private label.  
  • Don't be fooled by a fancy skull label, some goofy name or a guy hawking his products sporting a soul patch and a nice tan. They're all selling products made by someone else.
  • We sell biodegradable concentrates. Buying one gallon of our concentrated formulations is equal to buying 4 gallons of our competitions diluted product. Why pay for water?  Do you have a hose?... add the water yourself!
  • Everything you need and nothing you don't. Dinowax is serious chemistry. We don't sell gimmicks or foam balls for your electric screwdriver. We sell what you need to complete a cost effective, professional detail. 
  • Dinowax is focused on supporting you, the Detailing Professional.

If you're in need of value, consistency and unmatched results from professional products, with up to 5 times the concentrations typically found elsewhere online, then you found the right place...  Buy Right, Buy Direct.

Formulated with purpose.  Dinowax... where detailing means business.


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