The Dinowax "PROTECT" collection is our version of what ceramic coating technology should be, at a price everyone can afford.  We have a number of unique innovations here: a ferrous particle decontaminant, visual indicators for cure and the detailing industries first Spray Ceramicoffered as Serum BoostTM.  We feel we've really raised the bar here, we hope you will too. - the Formulator

Q: How long does the Ceramic SerumTM last?

A: As with any ceramic coating product, longevity is a function of preparation, application and maintenance (i.e., garaged vs. parked outside, etc).  Also, the more layers applied the more durable the performance.  Manufacturers have a lot of crazy claims for ceramic coating products.  Given the above, a single application of Ceramic SerumTM should last 3-5 years.  Maintained Ceramic SerumTM with Serum BoostTM and double the life of your coating.

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