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Quality product that's easy to use!

Best tire shine ever

This stuff is top notch the best tire shine I've ever used. Works great on trim also and lasts a over a week in rainy weather and over a month in summer dry weather. Dirt and dust doesnt stick to it like gels and it doesnt sling off like the cheap stuff. Price is great and product is past professional quality.

Best stuff on the market!

cant never get enough

love the bundle but whats most exciting is to open the box and see the free stuff you guys throw in there

Merry Christmas! Actually, we always throw in extras, that's how we roll. :)

Tire Dressing


All I can say is WOW. A little spray and a clean towel equals a streak free window! Even in direct sunlight. Best glass cleaner I have found yet


Show shine leave a really nice streak free surface whether it be glass or paint, no smearing and cleans the surface well, also smells amazing

Excellent brush!

A very nive brush with a good handle


I love Magic shine it works great


Great value at 4:1 dilutions very strong takes care of stubborn grease

works well great price thanks

Serum Boost

Best towels

I love these things for polish removal. They work so well and the price is insanely cheap!


Magic shine is my #1 go to for engine bay dressings as well as interior dressings

Better than Armour All

Got a sample in my first order these guys know what they are doing. Will use Magic Shine from now on. Love it glad they turned me on to it. Will reorder for sure. Everything I have tried I have loved ! Customer for life

Excellent Shine

easy on easy off left my paint shinning will use this from now on for sure love their products !

Best triggers ever!

Seriously i have started using these triggers and their bottles for everything. These aren't cheap springy triggers you usually see around, these use something else and have a consistent feel and don't get stuck like others. Buy them you wont regret it! Very high quality!

The best towel ever!

If you have never tried this towel just buy a bunch. These are very absorb a lot, the towel is super soft, its pretty heavy and just absolute quality. The best i have ever used and cant go back, hands down the best microfiber towel ever!

The one and only!

I am never using another ceramic spray product. I tested this on one of my cars sitting outside, its been a month and still looks like the first time i cleaned it. This stuff lasts a long time and smells great! Also its super hydrophobic and is just awesome!

Wow just the best!

It doesn't make sense how great this is. The best freshener i have ever used. Its not super strong ans a very great nuetral smelling scent. Put it on my car and some others too. People love it and are always asking what the great smell is.

First Time USER

Very good product would recommend to others thanks


Will never use another tire shine! Never flings off onto the paint and gives an amazing look!


Recived fast, good customer service, amazing products.
(Wish you guys would make caps)

Great Product - Minor Packaging Gripes

The directions are clear and straightforward, and the product went on well. The paint on the Tundra I was detailing has a depth that it did not previously. My only gripe is with the sprayers on the glass bottles. The return springs are weak and did not operate properly (you had to manually push the trigger back out so that you could dispense more product). I like the feel of the glass bottles, but would prefer that the bottles were plastic so if they fell on a concrete garage floor, they would stand a chance of not breaking. Aside from these modest packaging complaints, I was really pleased with the product and look forward to seeing how well it holds up.

Great products

This product is amazing!!



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