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Show Shine detail spray is the most versatile product we make. Use as a clay bar lubricant to enhance the depth and clarity of paint, chrome, plastic, aluminum, and glass. Formulated to gently remove dirt, smudges, and grime. Leaves surfaces with a smooth, ultra-high gloss finish. Use in the sun or shade. Clean interiors without drying natural or synthetic surfaces leaving a soft supple finish.

Waterless Wash: Use only on vehicles with storage dust. NEVER use on a vehicle with road grime. First apply a 2:1 cut of the Show Shine in order to remove storage dust. Follow with an application of Express Wax.

If this product looks similar to some others on the internet there is a reason why. Back-in-the-day we made it for them. NEVER AGAIN.

Show Shine is a concentrate. Dilute prior to use 2:1 for paint applications. For glass and chrome it's best to cut Show Shine at least 3:1. Always use a clean microfiber to avoid smears. Scented with our custom "Strawberry Shortcake" fragrance.



Ask a Question
  • Can this be used as a drying aid? If so, at what dilution ratio?

    Our detailers here will add 32oz to 100gal of R/O water on their trucks to improve rinse and add shine.  That's less than 0.25%!

  • Is this safe to use a lubricant in the clay bar process?

    This is one of the applications that Show shine was designed for.  Yes, Show Shine will work great as a Lubricant for Clay Bar.

  • Is this like a quick detailer? Before I wax my truck I normally spray it with meguires quick detailer. Would this be a replacement?

    Yes, but I would use this as my last step. 

Customer Reviews

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5 star products absolutely exceeds expectations.

Our Customers rate it #1

Since switching to Show Shine our customers have told us about the gloss and smoothness of thier paint after our wash. They love it and we love the ease of use and results! It's a fantastic concentrate and we can save money. Dont buy colored water....

The absolute best!

I used this on all 6 of my cars, 2 of my friend's cars, and my work van and they look immaculate. Paired with the other products I used, which I will say this same thing, these are top tier products at an unbeatable price.

The name speaks for itself.

I have been using show shine dilutes in a spray bottle and in my Detail Kegs. This product is perfect as it works as a Clay Lube, Detail Spray, and Waterless Wash and it smells amazing. The scent really makes the detail/cleaning process enjoyable. When you are done applying you will be amazed by the insane shine "SHOW SHINE" This product is great for anyone who attends car/bike shows and wants an insane amount of shine to catch everyone's attention. It works great on paint, chrome, glass, and wheels. I have yet to try on anything else. Great Job DINOWAX!!!!!!!!


Great product

Best detailer I've ever used

Smells heavenly and the shine is streak free. Even beads water. Best and cheapest on the market. I purchased the small size and dilute it for normal strength and it will last a while. Use it as a daily wipe or clay lube and it works wonders. I love all your products


Show shine leave a really nice streak free surface whether it be glass or paint, no smearing and cleans the surface well, also smells amazing


really loving the products


I love the product but I did find it useful to dilute almost 3 to 1 they aren't kidding when professional grade. Top of the line stuff but it does make it a bit easier to use at 3 to 1

Show shine detail spray

Top quality product for half the price. Can be used for many different applications. Don’t hesitate to get yourself a bottle today!



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