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   How It's Made   

~ 100% Manufacturer Direct ~

Our Dinowax name comes from the wax ingredient used in our Cleaning Polish, Micronizing Glaze and Express Wax. These patent-pending, Teflon® fortified, detailing emulsions use a form of Carnauba-like wax derived from fossilized plants once living 40 million years ago! A prehistoric wax so tough, it survived millions of years of heat, pressure and stratification; free from chemical change. Today, Dinowax is mined from deposits located in Germany's Black Forest, (a former prehistoric jungle). From these deposits the wax is extracted to an exceptional purity. 

We took our Time

Our products represent 2 decades of performance evolution. Field tested by Professionals. From that crucible of innovation emerges Dinowax.

Buy Right, Buy Direct.

Dinowax is researched, developed, and manufactured  IN-HOUSE. We don't buy private-label and we don't supply private-label.

Highly Concentrated

Stop buying colored water! Buying 1 gallon of our concentrated formulations is equal to buying 4 gallons of our competitions' diluted products. Why pay for water? Don't you have a hose?.. Add the water yourself!

   The Dinowax Difference   

~ There is no comparison. ~

The Most Innovative WAX Collection

Dinowax waxes contain

 patent-pending, reverse emulsions

that immediately release 

shine-enhancement additives.  

Our Qwik-BreakTM technology raises the 

bar for ease of application and performance.

Formulations Evolved

For the last 2 decades we have focused

on Chemistry first, and Marketing second.

We have our products down to a science.

More Cleaning Power, More Savings!

Our "Clean" Collection comes packed with Professional Gradehigh concentration cleaners.  Effective at  4:1 dilution ratios, Dinowax delivers the cleaning horsepower you need for the toughest jobs.

PROTECTion Done Right!

After extensive research and development, Dinowax introduces the industry's most advanced ceramic coating; Ceramic Serum.  Along with Serum Prep and Serum Boost, the Dinowax PROTECT collection once again elevates industry leading technology.  

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