Magic Shine


Magic Shine will enhance the appearance of plastic, rubber and vinyl surfaces. Magic Shine is a VOC-exempt solvent based formula. Magic Shine applies easily with a sponge and will not harm paint and glass. Added UV protection keeps interiors looking like new. Used by professional detailers here in the OC everyday on hundreds of cars. Best suited for interior applications and textured exterior surfaces. Scented with our custom "Luscious Grape" fragrance.

Magic Shine works great on JEEP black canvas tops and textured fenders.  Regular, emulsion-type Tire Dressing just doesn't get into the fine details like this low viscosity product. Store bought "Wet-Look" dressings have nothing on this. Magic Shine contains 20% pure silicone dimethyl fluid.

Waterless Engine Detailing Instructions:

  • Open the hood and spray over a dry, cool engine. 
  • Shut the hood and wash the rest of the car. 
  • When finished with the wash, come back and open the hood.  The grease will be dripping off the engine.  Wipe down everything with an old towel. 
  • Magic Shine is a waterless engine detailer!


Customer Reviews

Based on 43 reviews
Cambron Gibson

Love this tire shine

Matthew Bryden (Atlanta, US)

Totally shined up the inside of older vehicles.
Scent is not overpowering but still stands up to time.

CW (Marion, US)
It’s real good

Easy to apply. Last a long time. Smell good

Paul G (Camby, US)
Magic Shine

It's like dry olive oil. Wipe on and it looks wet but wait it's not, its dry. What a product. Game changer!!

Michael Jones (New Haven, US)

Awesome product

Thad McMullen (Madison, US)
Satin Shine

I love the nice soft satin type shine that DW Magic Shine provides. A great product with another dedicated user!

Kristopher Sarabia (Alamo, US)
Awesome product and has many uses!

I just got my first bottle of this stuff and I absolutely love it. My customers have fell in love with the depth it brings back to their trim as well as the smell. Definitely buying more of this stuff.

Jesus Carias Jr (New Orleans, US)
We Glowing!!

I own a detailing company down in New Orleans and whenever customers bring their vehicles in with hazy/dusty vinyl we use Magic Shine on them and they look like NEW! Our customers love the finish it leaves and keep coming back!

Dylan Sperry (Shelton, US)

Honestly I must admit, I was a bit skeptical using this as a water less engine bay detailer. It worked phenomenal!

This simple trick can pay off huge. Lift any customers engine bay and it's going to be dirty. Use about $2.00 worth of Magic Shine, let it soak while you detail the rest of the car then wipe it down. It'll look like you spent all afternoon cleaning it. Score an easy $50 for the job.

Marcus Graves (Chesapeake, US)
Magic Shine is Magic

THE GREATEST product ever. My 3rd time buying and will always again.

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