Serum BoostTM


Serum BoostTM is part of the patent pending Dinowax "inverted" emulsion chemistry.  Serum Boost is the first product of its kind to combine the active ingredients of a ceramic coating like our Ceramic SerumTM, in a SPRAYABLE, wipe-on/wipe-off form.  The industry has never seen a product like this.  Not just a "Spray Wax"... dude, this is the Detailing Industry's First SPRAY CERAMIC!  

Serum Boost is used approx 1hr after application of Ceramic SerumTM.  The purpose of this product is to fill in areas that may have been missed or overlooked at the time.  Serum Boost will fill in and make these areas disappear.   

Serum Boost is NOT necessary for the full performance of Ceramic Serum to be realized.  Many of our customers are professional detailers who do many cars per day.  Serum Boost was developed by request from our detailing community.  Our guys want to work fast, make money and have a level of assurance that they're providing flawless work.  Serum Boost is an insurance policy, avoiding any potential for "call backs" from streaks, mis-applications, etc.  Additionally, Serum Boost can be used regularly to maintain peak ceramic performance and double the life of your coating.  We want your customers to "call back" because their rides have never looked so good. Serum Boost can become part of your regular maintenance program.  Scented with our custom Bamboo Lime fragrance.

Q: Could I use Serum Boost alone and get similar results as a full ceramic coating application?

A:  I'm almost afraid to say this, but YES!  We may have made this patent-pending formula a bit too good. Our local detailers have referred to Serum Boost as the "Quick Ceramic" and are charging over $50.00 for its application alone... AND THEY'RE GETTING IT!  Serum Boost will add to your bottom line.


Customer Reviews

Based on 58 reviews
V’s Auto Spa (Philadelphia, US)
Professional detailer and this stuff rocks!!

Easy to apply, insane shine and gloss, my go to product after coatings

Ruben Uribe (Sacramento, US)

This is the great. I enjoy using this on my car

Nicholas Ellingsworth (Elmer, US)
Works Wonders !

This is literally one of the best spray wax sealants I’ve ever used! I always get compliments and will be buying this in gallons for as long as they keep making it. I also literally tell everybody I know the details vehicles to at least try it!

DARREN WONG (South San Francisco, US)
Serum Boost

Awesome easy product to use leaves a brilliant shine!

Andrew Mcgrew (Woodridge, US)
Great product

Will buy again this is a great product

Michael H (Powell, US)
Excellent top coat over ceramic

I applied Serum Boost over a recent install of Ceramic Serum. Easy on, easy off slickness and gloss. I'll be using Serum Boost at every maintenance wash. Thank you Dinowax for an economical topcoat.

Serum Boost is Awesome

This is why I love serum boost spray:
It has strong cleaning properties
it wipes on and off very easily
It leaves behind a very good shine
A little goes a long way

Alex Kidd (Edmond, US)
Great product

Really great and easy product to use! Will buy more when I run out

Javance Dawson (Humble, US)
Great product

This product is awesome

Exssive Mobile Detailing, LLC. (Brooklyn, US)
I Love That Dinowax Shine

I own a mobile detailing business and let me say that I try a lot of products. This stuff works better than anything else close in comparison. It is very easy to apply and remove plus the bamboo lime scent is amazing on its own. I can’t tell you the amount of money I have made just off using this product, between time saved and how well it works. Please do yourself a favor and get off the fence, BUY IT !

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