The Dinowax "WAX" collection is composed of a patent pending, inverse emulsion.  This water-in-oil formulation offers an exceptional delivery mechanism for high purity additives. Dinowax has Qwik-BreakTM technology.  As Dinowax is applied to the paint surface, frictional forces break the emulsion to immediately release shine-enhancement additives.  Our WAX products are number coded 0 to 5.  "5" having the highest shine-enhancement properties with no abrasive content.  Abrasive properties run in reverse with "0" having the highest abrasion with no shine-enhancement content.  This way you can customize the exact amount of abrasion and shine elements.

0 to 5 with increasing SHINE.

5 to 0 with increasing CUT.

(Ex.), Micronizing Glaze is a 3/3. "3" for SHINE and "3" for CUT. Balanced perfectly for swirl removal.  Need more CUTthen mix some Scratch Compound with Micronizing Glaze or select Cleaning Polish.

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