Scratch Compound (1)


Scratch Compound is an all-purpose scratch remover. Use to remove haze from headlights lens, oxidation, minor paint scratches or polish chrome. Scratch Compound is a restorative product. Caution: Scratch Compound should not be used on a regular basis over painted surfaces. Repeated use will thin paint and protective finishes. Scented with our custom "Mint Ice" fragrance. *Patent Pending*

SHINE properties run 5 to 0, with 5 as the highest.

CUT properties run 0 to 5, with 0 as the highest.

Scratch Compound is numbered a 1, more CUT than Cleaning Polish and more SHINE than Cutting Creme. Silicone-Free. 

*All Dinowax products in the WAX collection can be mixed on the paint surface to further customize performance characteristics.


Customer Reviews

Based on 6 reviews
Mike (Concord, US)
1x scratch compound

I really have not used it yet, in my detail shop. It does seem really good

Jason (Canterbury, US)
Scratch compound

I recently used this on my friends Harley that had really torn up saddle bags and fuel tank. Heavily swirled and scratched. This product removed all the scratches and finished beautifully. After all steps were completed my friend could not believe how good his bike looked. He receives tons of compliments on it daily.

Landin Staker (Cincinnati, US)
Scratch compound

When buffed you can’t even tell that there was any sign of scratches before! Amazing product!!

jason jolly (Aka) Detail_House (New Braunfels, US)
Multi use compound

This product hands down works in many different ways from headlight to paint to chrome . Yes I said chrome. Goes on easy and comes off easier. Great smell . Perfection in a bottle .

Travis Sutis (Stockton, US)
Scratch Compound

These Compounds Are On Another Level! No Fillers & Faking With This Line! Quality Professional Grade All The Way!

Austin T Swatsworth

I recently detailed a 2016 Wrangler that was scratched up from a weekend jeep ride and the compound worked flawlessly. Took the scratched right out and left a perfect mirror quality shine. Will deffinatley recomend.

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