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Here it is, after 6 months of development, this is our Ceramic SerumTM!  We've tested everything we could get our hands on.  Asked countless questions of professionals as to changes, innovations and product improvements that they would most like to see. 

We did hundreds of formulation adjustments.  Not just wanting another ME TOO product, we looked to raise the bar.  Focusing on our professional detailing community, we sought ways to speed application, insure accuracy and eliminate potential for mistakes.  In this way, we can assist our guys (and a few gals) by providing a product at a price that puts money in their wallet.  This is our 2oz package, which should be enough to cover one full size vehicle with one coat.

Some of the advancements:

  • Serum PrepTM - Ferrous metal decontaminant for paint prior to "paint correction" steps
  • Easy Ceramic SerumTM application
  • Visual indicators of reaction (i.e., "Rainbow Effect)
  • Visual indicators of cure like our exclusive "Micro-Beading Effect"
  • 30mins and a simple, clean, smudge free wipe-off
  • Our patent-pending "Spray Ceramic" Serum BoostTM to level coating applications

Here are our quick instructions (right click and copy):


  2oz -Item List

  • 2oz bottle of Ceramic SerumTM
  • Blue foam applicator
  • 2 x Optical lens fabric cloths
  • 1 x latex glove
  • 1 x Holographic door jam sticker
  • Dinowax logo sticker



Ask a Question
  • What is the durability for this coating

    We get this question a lot.  durability is relative to how well the car is kept.  Our Ceramic SerumTM is as durable as any on the market.  We don't play the 9H or 7H hardness game.  This is a reference to the Moh's hardness test for geologic minerals and is misused by some in the industry.  with regular care and an application of Serum Boost evey 3-6mos the ceramic effect will last indefinitely.

  • What are the instructions for this serum?

    It’s both online under each option 2oz, 4oz or Signature and in each container. 

Customer Reviews

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Brilliantly Simple

Applied this coating to a vehicle the other day. Lays down smooth and easy. Easy to remove once micro beading begins. Recommend a controlled environment when applying as excessive temperatures and humidity make it a bit finicky. Awesome gloss!! Great coating ! Will continue to use it!


Easy to apply , gave the paint more depth than its ever had !


This stuff is easy to apply and remove. The results are absolutely amazing. I am so glad that I bought this and will be buying and using more from Dinowax!

Ceramic SerumTM is a formulation developed completely in-house by our sole research chemist, who also happens to be our owner. Take that Meguiar's, 3D, Adam's, AMMO, Rupe's, Chemical Guy's and Mother's. Dinowax is industry leading technology. We don't rely on anyone for our product development. We've forgotten more about formulation than our competition has ever learned! - the Formulator


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