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This is our Ceramic SerumTM Signature Series!  We've tested everything we could get our hands on.  Asked countless questions of professionals as to changes, innovations and product improvements that they would most like to see.  We did hundreds of formulation adjustments.  Not just wanting another ME TOO product, we looked to raise the bar.  Focusing on our professional detailing community, we sought ways to speed application, insure accuracy and eliminate potential for mistakes. I think we NAILED IT! 

Signature Series - This limited box contains our entire PROTECT line.  Each box is carefully hand packed and signed by "the Formulator".  We don't just put our name on the label... we actually make the stuff inside.  At Dinowax we're very proud of the products we make.  We're more proud of the value we bring.

Some of the advancements:

  • Serum PrepTM - Ferrous metal decontaminant for paint prior to "paint correction" steps
  • Easy Ceramic SerumTM application
  • Visual indicators of reaction (i.e., "Rainbow Effect)
  • Visual indicators of cure like our exclusive "Micro-Beading Effect"
  • 30mins and a simple, clean, smudge free wipe-off
  • Our patent-pending "Spray Ceramic" Serum BoostTM to level coating applications

Here are our quick instructions (right click and copy):


  Signature Series - Item List

  • 8oz glass bottle of Serum PrepTM
  • 8oz glass bottle of Serum BoostTM
  • 2oz bottle of Ceramic SerumTM
  • Blue foam applicator
  • Dino-GREEN edgeless micro-fiber towel
  • 2 x Optical lens fabric cloths
  • 1 pair of latex gloves
  • 2 x Holographic door jam sticker
  • Dinowax 'Black Frost' air freshener
  • Dinowax logo sticker


Ask a Question
  • What is the endurance time of the Serum coating? I’m on the fence between this one & another two. I need something that is good for marine application as well. Thank you for your help.

    Followed with Serum BoostTM, the Detailing industry’s first “Spray Ceramic” the life of the coating can be extended indefinitely. 

Customer Reviews

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Great Product - Minor Packaging Gripes

The directions are clear and straightforward, and the product went on well. The paint on the Tundra I was detailing has a depth that it did not previously. My only gripe is with the sprayers on the glass bottles. The return springs are weak and did not operate properly (you had to manually push the trigger back out so that you could dispense more product). I like the feel of the glass bottles, but would prefer that the bottles were plastic so if they fell on a concrete garage floor, they would stand a chance of not breaking. Aside from these modest packaging complaints, I was really pleased with the product and look forward to seeing how well it holds up.

Easiest Ceramic I have used

I detail all day every day and have used many waxes and ceramic coatings and this one was the most easy to install by far. The most gloss I have seen on a car. I will update after I take care of the car from now on.
this will be my go to from now on, its so easy and so affordable




Best product yet! The ease of use is fantastic!

Great ceremic coating

Easy to apply, leaves a deep wet shine, and is xtremely durable. Would recommend

Best Coating I have used

As a professional detailer, I have used many different ceramic coatings, this one takes the cake. This is by far and away the best ceramic coating in the market.

Fantastic Product! Worth it!

Easy to apply, very forgiving coating, cure time is awesome. I can coat one whole.side of a car then go back to the beginning and start buffing the coating after its very easy to see cure ! Its def a awesome product/ THE Coating everyone should be investing in!

We spent 6 months working out the application details. Our goal was to provide a product with a 30-40min cure window. An early rainbow effect to show the start of cure and a final micro-beading effect that signals the coating has set-up and is ready for final wipe down. We wanted to formulate a simple application and a finished film cure that didn't harden-up and make removal impossible without applying a compound. Frankly, I think we NAILED IT! - the Formulator


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