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This is our Ceramic SerumTM in the only 4oz package we've seen!  Since we're in CA, we have to follow strict VOC limits.  Our Ceramic SerumTM is VOC exempt and non-flammable.  Many of the products we have tested are coming from eastern Europe or Cypress.  These materials are flammable and certainly not compliant.  Besides delivering industry leading technology, we first and foremost, strive for ultimate product safety.

We did hundreds of formulation adjustments.  Not just wanting another ME TOO product, we looked to raise the bar.  Focusing on our professional detailing community, we sought ways to speed application, insure accuracy and the eliminate potential for mistakes.  In this way, we can assist our guys (and a few gals) by providing a product at a price that maximizes their profit.

Some of our advancements:

  • Serum PrepTM - Ferrous metal decontaminant for paint prior to "paint correction" steps
  • Easy Ceramic SerumTM application
  • Visual indicators of reaction (i.e., "Rainbow Effect)
  • Visual indicators of cure like our exclusive "Micro-Beading Effect"
  • 30mins and a simple, clean, smudge free wipe-off
  • Our patent-pending "Spray Ceramic" Serum BoostTM to level coating applications

Here are our quick instructions (right click and copy):


  4oz -Item List

  • 4oz bottle of Ceramic SerumTM
  • Blue foam applicator
  • 2 x Optical lens fabric cloths
  • Blue micro-fiber towel
  • 1 x latex glove
  • 2 x Holographic door jam sticker
  • Dinowax logo sticker


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Customer Reviews

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Perfect Shine llc

Good customer service and shipping time,also good ceramic coating beautiful glossy shine

Maybe I did it wrong?

Had the ceramic serum on for a little over a month now. The first couple weeks it beaded well but lately the water just sheets slowly. I also did maintenance washes once a week if the weather cooperates.

I followed the application directions pretty well and washed, serum prepped, clayed, corrected the paint, and did an IPA wipe down before applying the coating. I also used the serum boost. For my first time dealing with dinowax, I can tell they're an awesome company. Shipping was quick to AK.
I'm going to strip the truck and try again.

I don't understand what may have gone wrong either. It sounds like the application was correct. Cure of the film created by Ceramic Serum takes approximately 24hrs to build full strength. Our Serum Boost offers a quick way to achieve similar results as the full strength Serum. Next time around try smaller sections and a double coat. After final wipe down leave it alone for the full 24hrs and let see if your results improve.

Happy with the product would definitely recommend it to anyone

So easy!!!

I was hesitant applying ceramic coating on myself but just couldn’t stand to pay some outrageous price for something I could do at home and I’m glad I did! Just apply it in sections and wait for the micro beads and then wipe simple!! Also I didn’t even use half of the 4oz bottle on my 2018 double cab long bed Tacoma!



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