4 Oz - Ceramic SerumTM

Here it is, our Ceramic SerumTM! We've tested everything we could get our hands on. Asked countless questions of professionals as to changes, innovations and product improvements that they would most like to see. We did hundreds of formulation adjustments. Not just wanting another ME-TOO product, we looked to raise the bar. Our Ceramic SerumTM is VOC exempt, non-flammable and has virtually NO-ODOR. Focusing on our professional detailing community, we sought ways to speed application, insure accuracy and eliminate potential for mistakes. In this way, we can assist our guys (and a few gals) by providing a product at a price that puts money in their wallet. We offer 4 different packages, a 2 Oz bottle should be enough to cover one full size vehicle with 2 coats.

Some of our advancements:

  • Serum PrepTM - Ferrous metal decontaminant for paint prior to "paint correction" steps
  • Easy Ceramic SerumTM application, 30 mins and a simple, clean, smudge free wipe-off.
  • Visual indicators of cure like our exclusive "Micro-Beading Effect".
  • Our patent-pending "Spray Ceramic" Serum BoostTM to level coating applications.

    Here are our quick instructions (right click and copy):


      4 Oz -Item List

    • 4 Oz bottle of Ceramic SerumTM
    • Blue foam applicator
    • 2 x Optical lens fabric cloths
    • Blue microfiber towel
    • 1 x latex glove
    • 4 x Holographic door jam sticker
    • Dinowax logo sticker

    Customer Reviews

    Based on 13 reviews
    Ceramic serum

    What a great deal, great customer service, they shipped me 4 oz samples of tire shine and wash and wax. Which was greatly appreciated and all products work incredibly well and the price point is unbeatable. Will do business with them again no doubt.

    Great Product

    There is something to be said for ease of use, is it the best ceramic I have used no, that being said I really don’t have anything negative to say about it, price point is awesome, ease of use creates a more enjoyable application meaning goes on smooth comes off just as smooth. Has great shine and hydrophobic qualities, I’ve use many different ceramics this is by far the easiest to use and definitely has a place in my line up for a budget friendly yet high quality great result coating. Will be buying more!!

    It's what we shoot for in formulating our products. Price and performance with ease of application. This is designed for professional detailers to get great results, make their customers happy and more importantly allow them to make more money. It's a careful balance that after 20 years comes second nature.
    Great product

    Love the serum, the shine and protection so far is great. Will follow up in the future to update how it is holding up.

    Ceramic Serum

    Very easy product to work with. Highly recommend?

    rich c.

    Used your ceramic sealant process on my 2019 Cadillac CT6 Platinum (Black Raven). It is amazing, I am thoroughly pleased with the out come. I look forward to seeing hoe long it lasts.

    Easy to use and complete package!

    This was such a great and easy product to use and it came with everything you needed to use so it was great for a first time user. My wheels came out great and would recommend it to anyone!

    Great product

    My son applied this product to my 2015 Toyota Tundra and it looks like it's brand new. I also have plenty left to put more coats on at a later date.

    Ceramic serum

    Great product! Great price!

    Best Cermaic Coating Review Yet

    I've Used Many Different Brands And This One Is Most User Friendly And Best End Result! Instagram: sirbuffalot

    Perfect Shine llc

    Good customer service and shipping time,also good ceramic coating beautiful glossy shine

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