Tire Dressing


Tire Dressing will enhance the appearance of plastic, rubber and vinyl surfaces. Tire Dressing is a water-based silicone emulsion and contains no harmful solvents or alcohols, (VOC-Free). Tire Dressing is created with 100% pure silicone fluid, which we emulsify in-house using a proprietary blend of surfactant chemistry (like everything else). Our Tire Dressing emulsion is bulletproof, tested for years in Arizona desert extremes, where temperatures exceed 120°F in direct sunlight. 

We're asked all the time to provide Tire Dressing under private label.  Been there... done that... NEVER AGAIN.  This is the dressing our competitors can only wish for.

This thick formulation applies easily with a sponge or using our Green Short Handle Brush. Tire Dressing will not sling or harm paint. Can be used for interior surfaces. Will not turn brown. Your customers tires will look like a warm, glazed donut.

You will never find a better Tire Dressing than this!

Used by hundreds of professional detailers here in the OC every day on thousands of cars. Voted “Best Dressing” by our customers for its lasting shine. These guys know, they've tried them all. Scented with our custom "Cherry Pie" fragrance.



Customer Reviews

Based on 75 reviews
Ruben Uribe (Elk Grove, US)
Great stuff

I got to say I use a lot of stuff in my car but all your products do what they say and they go beyond I’m glad I found Dino wax and I will never use any other product again

Javier Lopez (Allentown, US)
Tire dressing

This products are very good and way underestimated! NO PRODUCT LINE is a perfect one but what I tried so far been good to excellent. Keep doing it the way you are and you will take over. Very satisfied! I'll keep doing business with Dinowax! I'll recommend to enyone...!

Matthew Bryden (Los Angeles, US)

Made the old looking trim look new again.
W O W!!!

Héctor Salgado (San Jose, US)
Awesome product

By far the best tire shine I've ever used
The longevity of it and the sleek shine it has to it, super easy and pleasant to work with.

JC (Lake Havasu City, US)
Great product

Don't let the cost fool you, this dressing works great. The thick formula spreads nice and leaves a great shine that to me seems in the Matte finish. Great product and a great company.

Paul G (Camby, US)
Tire dressing

This product has a clean look to it. It doesn't look dripping wet its very clean and professional. Doesn't sling and makes a set of clean tires look fabulous. I put this on all my executives cars.

steve rucker (Kemp, US)
Greatest tire product I’ve ever used

Greatest tire products I’ve ever used

Julio Rascon (Mexicali, MX)

Best product ever !!

Kent Miller (Orange, US)

Great stuff!🤜🏾🤛🏻

James Mann (Moravia, US)
The best

By far the best tire shine I've ever used

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