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Tire Dressing will enhance the appearance of plastic, rubber and vinyl surfaces. Tire Dressing is a water-based silicone emulsion and contains no harmful solvents or alcohols, (VOC-Free). Tire Dressing is created from pure silicone, which we emulsify in-house (like everything else). The Tire Dressing emulsion is bulletproof, tested for years in Arizona extremes where temperatures exceed 120°F in direct sunlight. This thick formulation applies easily with a sponge or using our Green Short Handle Brush. Tire Dressing will not sling or harm paint. Also used for interior surfaces. Will not turn brown. Your customers tires will look like a warm, glazed donut.

You will never find a better Tire Dressing than this!

Used by hundreds of professional detailers here in the OC everyday on hundreds of cars. Voted “Best Dressing” by our customers for its lasting shine. These guys know, they've tried them all. Scented with our custom "Cherry Pie" fragrance.



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Love it

Works amazing on engine bays n tires

A+ Tire shine

Brings life back to the most faded tires and stays for so long. I've used a lot of shines and dressings but either they don't last long or sling up the sides of the car after driving. Looks great, dries to the touch, and last for weeks

Not your average tire shine

This product is amazing. Not only for tires but for engine bays and trim . You will find your self putting it on everything. Goes on easy and leaves a incredible shine and uv customers love it.

Amazing Tire Dressing!

this product is extremely easy to apply and has a great but not overbearing shine!

Resists dust pick-up too. Keeps nice and glossy like a glazed donut for 2-4 weeks. Best results after cleaning the tire surface with Degreaser at a 4:1 dilution. - the Formulator
Tire Dressing

Easy to apply and product is not watered down so that doesn't drip onto rims. Tried to apply with a pad but easier to apply with the recommended green brush.

We create our emulsions in-house with over 18% solids pure, high-viscosity silicone. The viscosity or thickness is carefully adjusted to prevent sling. Our emulsions NEVER split. We've subjected our Tire Dressing to outdoor stability in Phoenix, AZ for over 6 months, at temperatures in excess of 120F, in direct sunlight without issue. Dinowax, formulated with ROAR - the Formulator


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