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Wash & Wax is a highly concentrated, pH-balanced soap that will not harm protective finishes. A proprietary surfactant package leaves a water beading, repellent finish that will not build on paint surfaces. Clean and wax at the same time by using the diluted product as a spray or fire it from our Foam Cannon over a wet vehicle, wash mitt the surface and then rinse.

Wash & Wax is supplied at a professional strength of 20% solids concentration. Add just one cap full of Wash & Wax to a 5 gallon pail and fill under high pressure spray to create a foam nearly as dense as shaving cream. If this product looks similar to some others on the internet there is a reason. Back-in-the-day we made it for them. NEVER AGAIN. Scented with our custom "Cherry Pie" fragrance.

This soap is created from our proprietary saponification process we developed in-house (like everything else). Dinowax is not a "private label", we make everything and others beg for us to private label for them. IT WILL NEVER HAPPEN... Buy Right, Buy Direct.

Dilute for general cleaning purposes or use direct. Wash & Wax can be mixed with other products in our CLEAN collection (except Brightener) to boost foaming performance.



Ask a Question
  • How much of this product should be used when using a 32oz or 1 liter foam lance? Additionally, how much should be used per gallon of whater when using a bucket?

    6-8oz for the shaving cream effect. 

  • Is this safe to use in the sun or will it cause spotting or streaking?

    At a capful per bucket you should be fine but remember the sun isn't your enemy, its heat.  Hot surfaces become impossible to wax, impossible to polish and impossible to coat.  Always work in shade on a hot mid-day to lower temps.

Customer Reviews

Based on 36 reviews
Best ive ever tried

I love this stuff i will continue ordering from them from here on out

Keeps me coming back

The best soap I’ve tried for my foam cannon and the price is unbeatable. Continue with the high quality products!

Awesome product.

Used this on my girlfriends red car and its awesome on how it looks.

Tons of Suds

Great product got lots of suds . will order again for sure

Great stuff

Gives amazing foam power with foam gun. Does not leave streaks and great results even in hot weather. When used with serum boost or show shine, makes the car look brand new. It's the only soap I use now.

Wash & Wax

Best wash & wax soap I've used!! Incredible shine.

Thought it would foam more

Ive seen the pictures of foam covered cars with this product even with just a hand mitt wash but that wasnt the case for me. I put quite a bit in my 5 gal bucket and it foams nicely but halfway through the car almost no foam and its like im putting just water on my car instead of foamy wash and wax.

I'm sorry that you had less than expected results but I'm glad this issue has been raised. I can guess exactly why you lost foam after using Wash & Wax with the mitt and bucket technique. The answer is CONTAMINATION and here is where it comes from, the previous 'Quick Detailer' or from washing your tires with the same mitt. A low-end 'Quick Detailer' and all tire dressings are formulated with low molecular weight silicone fluids. Silicone fluids add a ton of shine but have absolutely no chemical resistance. Silicone fluids are natural DEFOAMERS. When your mitt gets contaminated with silicone there is almost no way to get it clean. Most professional detailers will reserve towels and mitts specifically for paint and glass to avoid potential silicone contamination, (why we sell two different color towels). Ever use a glass cleaner and all you get is smears? Don't blame the cleaner... 'cause its the rags fault. For a properly formulated 'Quick Detailer' we offer Dinowax Show Shine, formulated with a quaternized silicone, not a silicone fluid. Our Show Shine will not kill foam. Some of our competitors offer products with names like Final Finish, Final Touch, Quick Detailer, Spray Detailer, etc. Be careful with these, put them to the test. If you use them on glass with a clean rag and they smear then your 'Quick Detailer' is formulated with a silicone fluid. In contrast, our Dinowax Show Shine can actually be used as a glass cleaner. Dinowax... designed for professionals by professionals.
This stuff is the best

I have used a ton of car wash soaps and this stuff works better then everything I have. I use it mostly in my foam cannon. It works great when you just want a quick touch less wash or in a bucket with a wash mitt. Suds are thick and it smells great.

Great wash & wax at a great price

Soap did absolutely amazing in a bucket. I didn’t have a chance to use it in a foam cannon but I’m sure it would have done great there as well. My only regret is not buying the larger size!

I love Dinowax

This stuff is fantastic!! It foams really well in my foam cannon and also makes a lot of suds in my soap bucket. It leaves a beautiful shine even when I only wash my truck with no added top coat of chemicals after wash.



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