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Serum BoostTM is part of the patent pending Dinowax "inverted" emulsion chemistry.  Serum Boost is the first product of its kind to combine the active ingredients of a ceramic coating like our Ceramic SerumTM, in a SPRAYABLE, wipe-on/wipe-off form.  The industry has never seen a product like this.  Not just a "Spray Wax"... dude, this is the Detailing Industry's First SPRAY CERAMIC!  

Serum Boost is used approx 1hr after application of Ceramic SerumTM.  The purpose of this product is to fill in areas that may have been missed or overlooked at the time.  Serum Boost will fill in and make these areas disappear.   

Serum Boost is NOT necessary for the full performance of Ceramic Serum to be realized.  Many of our customers are professional detailers who do many cars per day.  Serum Boost was developed by request from our detailing community.  Our guys want to work fast, make money and have a level of assurance that they're providing flawless work.  Serum Boost is an insurance policy, avoiding any potential for "call backs" from streaks, mis-applications, etc.  Additionally, Serum Boost can be used regularly to maintain peak ceramic performance and double the life of your coating.  We want your customers to "call back" because their rides have never looked so good. Serum Boost can become part of your regular maintenance program.  Scented with our custom Bamboo Lime fragrance.

Q: Could I use Serum Boost alone and get similar results as a full ceramic coating application?

A:  I'm almost afraid to say this, but YES!  We may have made this patent-pending formula a bit too good. Our local detailers have referred to Serum Boost as the "Quick Ceramic" and are charging over $50.00 for its application alone... AND THEY'RE GETTING IT!  Serum Boost will add to your bottom line.



Ask a Question
  • What percentage of SiO2 does this product contain

    We have between 3-5% concentration on the ceramic active in Serum BoostTM.  By comparison the Ceramic SerumTM has a 30% concentration of 3 different reacitve ceramic molecules plus catalyst.  Serum Boost is formulated for a quick, easy application and wipe off.  It will develop high shine and repellency, while extending the performance of any ceramic coating application.

  • Can this be diluted with distilled water to? and if so what is the dilution ratio?

    No, it's a reverse or inverted emulsion not a solution.  If you add water it will actually thicken not get thin.  Of course if you want it thicker than a little water is fine.  I know it's weird, in a cool way.

  • Can Serum Boost be used on Glass and Plastic Trim?

    I can but we think it's a waste.  better to use our Show Shine for this purpose.

  • Can I use it on Glass or Plastic Trim?

    Yes, works well but we still think Show Shine is the "Go To" for this application.

  • If properly prepped what is the longevity of Serum Boost as a stand-alone product?

    Probably 6-12mos, but if tyou reapply every couple months the effect will be there permanently.

  • Is Serum Boost safe to use in direct sunlight?

    Sure, but you need the surface of the paint to be cool.  Heat is a reaction catalyst and makes everything work fast.  sometimes too fast.

  • does the ceramic boost come with a spray trigger or do you have to purchase that separate?

    Comes with a "flip-top" closure.  Something like a ketchup bottle top.  you can use a spray nozel with Serum BoostTM seperately.

  • My car is ceramic coated with ceramic pro this is safe to use as a detailer spray

    Absolutely.  Will probably enhance their coating.

  • would you recommend layering the ceramic boost with your express wax or glaze or sealant?

    If I wanted to sell more product I would.  In reality, the Ceramic Boost will give exceptional shine by itself.  The other products would be necessary for paint correction.

Customer Reviews

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Quality product that's easy to use!


Serum Boost

The one and only!

I am never using another ceramic spray product. I tested this on one of my cars sitting outside, its been a month and still looks like the first time i cleaned it. This stuff lasts a long time and smells great! Also its super hydrophobic and is just awesome!

Great products

This product is amazing!!

Good stuff

I have applied one coat on both of my vehicles and have yet to notice much of a difference from other waxes. I do, however, love the smell of the wax. I will apply another coat and update my rating.

Serum boost

Great product, water beads like crazy!!! Make sure to decontaminate the paint first. Super easy to apply and take off.
Thank you

First Time USER

Product goes on very good and easy to remove leaves a nice shine. Wheel dressing works very good leave a nice flat shine. Would recommend to others good prices on the products thanks.

Holy sh;t Batman

We used the Serum Boost on one of our fleet trucks that has been severely neglected. I washed one side of it. I then applied Serum Boost to the driver side door and left the back door untouched. Hoses off the doors for about two minutes. The back door held all of the water on the surface. The front door was nearly self drying. The water sheeted off immediately. Amazing product with an excellent price.

serum bliss

i bought the serum boost great stuff. can not be more pleased with the results.


Loved this product and the free samples



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