Pump - 1gal Container (1oz per stroke)

Here is a good way to control how much material you use.  One full stroke delivers approximately 1 ounce of product.  For Wash & Wax, all you need is a 1/2 stroke or 0.5 ounces per 5gal pail.  At this dilution you'll be spending just $0.10 per car!  This way you can calculate exactly what your "per car" cost is and your expected profits.

Customer Reviews

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RL (Honolulu, US)
So Cheap!

I honestly thought the price was just for the pump and not the container how surprised I was when I opened the box! Can’t beat Dinowax!!!!!!!!

Javance Dawson (Oklahoma City, US)

Great product

Terry Hess
Awesome spray and wipe ceramic

This spray and wipe ceramic is awesome I am totally sold on it I constantly get compliments on my black car the Deep shine is just crystal clear and gorgeous. I use this on my lawn mower and to clean my lawn mower I've already totally sprayed it down with degreaser hosed It Off and it did not touch the ceramic coating the water just ran off of it I am truly surprised the way it protects plastic also please check the pictures :))) I love the Ceramic spray and wipe ! ! ! T.Hess

Sergio Martinez (Panorama City, US)

Quality product at a great price!

Weston Schraeder (Bowling Green, US)

I love every part of this company and their products. They gave me two extra chemicals. I did not order it but they just let me try them out. Thank you so so much! The chemicals worked out efficiently!

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