Car Wash Products 101: The Foam Cannon

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If you've ever had a professional car wash or taken your vehicle through a drive-through, you might notice that a pre-wash occurs before cleaning. A pre-wash is a vital, yet often overlooked, part of cleaning and detailing your vehicle. Too often, individuals will jump right into scrubbing the body of the car before considering all the dirt and grime that is stuck on the doors, roof, or hood. 


Is a Foam Cannon Important Among Car Wash Products?

A foam cannon is a hose attachment that allows you to spray water and cleaning solutions with high pressure. This force works wonders in forcing out all of the dirt, dust, bugs, and filth that embeds itself into the body and windows of your vehicle. They typically come with adjustable settings and a reservoir bottle to fill with your cleaning agent of choice. The cannon mixes the agent with the water supply and pressurizes it so that you don't have to spend valuable time digging out the filth. 

Car Wash Foam


Will the Pressure Harm My Vehicle?

Your vehicle's paint suffers no harm from the pressurized wash. The foam cannon works in tandem with a special cleaning agent designed to penetrate deeper than regular shampoo for this exact purpose. Furiously scrubbing the body of your car by hand is a risk factor for causing scratches and paint damage as the dirt particles have nowhere to go. This pressurized pre-wash cannon will bring all of the dirt properly to the surface for an easy wipe down and rinse.


Is Regular Foam Cleaning Expensive?

Quality foam cannons are relatively inexpensive and outfitted with brass materials built to handle the higher water pressures. Pre-wash cleaning solutions for foam washing is cheaper than a single drive-through car wash and will serve you for numerous cleanings. It also will save you money long-term in potential car repair and painting services to cover up accidental scratching and chipping caused by poor washing practices.


What Foam Cannon Should I Purchase?

We might be biased, but we guarantee the value and efficiency of the DinoWax High Pressure Foam Cannon. This device can handle a maximum water pressure of 3000 PSI. It comes equipped with sturdy brass fittings, an adjustable foam lance for different car cleaning needs, and the ability to handle water up to 140 degrees Fahrenheit. Other foam washers have a reputation for cracking under pressure, literally. DinoWax tailors only top-quality products meant to fulfill their purpose and serve you longer.


DinoWax - The Best Name in Car Wash Products

The experts at DinoWax continue to serve the car detailing community for over 20 years and counting. There's no aspect of the business that we've overlooked. We have the tools and solutions to handle it all - washers, brushes, cloths, applicators, and more. We use only the best natural and densely concentrated minerals and chemicals for our solutions that we proudly label and boast over our competitors.


We are here to serve you and your vehicle at every step of the process. DinoWax is the only service that can clean, enhance, wax, and protect your car the way it deserves.

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