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If you’re looking for new car detailing products, consider adding a ceramic coating kit to your repertoire. No matter how often you wash your car or wax it, stains and chips begin to appear in the paint coating. Ceramic coating for cars not only will protect your car but preserve the paint surface to keep it looking as new as the day you purchased it. Read on to learn more about what it is, how it works, and how to effectively apply a ceramic coating solution.

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Ceramic Coating - Liquid Polymer and Paint Sealant

A ceramic coating situation, such as our Ceramic Serum, bonds on a molecular level with the car’s paint to create a layer of protection. It is a semi-permanent detailing option that is an alternative to traditional wax formulas. It effectively seals the paint, providing a top protective layer that takes the impact from water, weather, insects, bird droppings, and other roadway grime. It’s extremely easy to apply and offers a variety of long-term benefits to the health of your vehicle.

Protects Your Car from the Weather

The ultraviolet or UV rays from the sun naturally cause paint to naturally degrade and fade over time.  A layer of ceramic coating will actually absorb the sunlight, protecting the top paint layer from oxidizing and weathering away. 

 A variety of fluids such as rainwater, or acidic chemicals can create long-lasting stains that can be difficult if not impossible to remove. The ceramic coating also possesses certain hydrophobic properties that causes liquids to slide off the car's surface. 

It Makes Your Vehicle Easier to Clean

Over time, small specks of dirt and grime begin to embed themselves into the top layer of paint. To make matters worse, regular cleaning methods may actually cause that embedded dirt to create small scratches. 

 The paint sealing function of the ceramic coating prevents this from happening. The dirt will adhere to the outer layer instead of bonding with the paint. The coating’s resistance to water also tends to carry dirt away as it naturally slides away. The remaining cleaning is effortless, and your car will look good as new.

It Doesn’t Mean You Won’t Have to Perform Maintenance

A ceramic coating does not repair or mask pre-existing scratches or scuffs on the vehicle’s paint. Traditional detailing and paint work will be necessary to prepare the vehicle for a proper ceramic coating. Once the coating exists, you’ll also still need to clean the vehicle regularly. Though the new outer layer is highly resistant to stains and dirt, it’s not wholly impervious. Getting lazy about your car maintenance can eventually lead to common problems whether you get a ceramic coating or not.

Get a Ceramic Coating with DinoWax - The Ceramic Serum

DinoWax believes everyone should be able to protect their valuable investment at an affordable price range. Our DIY Ceramic Serum kit includes everything you’ll need including our trademark solution, applicator, gloves, and optical lens fabric cloths. For all of your ceramic coating needs and more, contact DinoWax today for more information.



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