The Best Tire Shine and Cleaning Methods

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Do you know what the best tire shine and cleaning methods are for your vehicle? High-quality car care doesn’t have to be a time-consuming endeavor. DinoWax wants to show you exactly how to clean your car tires and apply tire shine gel like a professional. When you’re done scrubbing your wheels, you’ll have 4 good tires and a shiny finish that only our products can provide.

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Get the Best Tire Shine and Cleaning Products

Before you begin the process, take an inventory of all the materials needed. You’re going to need a cleaning bucket, our cleaning solution, one of our pressure washing foam cannons, a scrub brush or mitt, and water. 

After the cleaning, you’ll need your tire shine product, applicator pad, and wheel sealant. We’ll walk you through the steps and make it easy to apply. 

Give Them a Thorough Cleaning

Anytime you’re washing a vehicle, you need to provide it with a thorough rinse. Our foam cannon pressure washer will do the job of kicking away dirt and grime that’s embedded into the rim and wheel well. Make sure that you hit all areas thoroughly as dirt tends to grip into tiny crevices of the rim. 

Then, scrub the rim and tire thoroughly with soap and your wash mitt. Your goal is to remove as much of the dirt as possible by hand and take advantage of reaching into those small areas. Once completed, hit your tires again with the pressure washer, being sure to remove all chemicals. 

Lastly, use your spray bottle wheel cleaner on one wheel at a time. You’re going to give each tire extra attention as you scrub the solution in. It should remove a deep layer of dust and dirt. Pressure wash the area one more time to completely clean the surface once and for all. 

Add a Layer of Protection

Part of making sure your tires last is making sure they are protected from long-term damage. Once you thoroughly dry the wheel, you’ll want to apply sealant using the applicator pad. Make sure to thoroughly coat every inch of the rim. Allow the chemical to completely dry before wiping away the excess. 

Finally, apply the tire dressing to the tire surface evenly using the applicator. Make sure to cover all rubberized areas, allowing the solution to restore the deep black color to your wheels. It should be enough dressing to restore the color, but not to look oversaturated or wet. 

This step-by-step process will not only restore your tires to a brand-new appearance, but will protect them from future grime, dust, or grease buildup. 

Get the Best Tire Shine and Cleaning Products from DinoWax

Your tires are one of the most important parts of your vehicle. DinoWax is proud to bottle and sell a formula of cleaning products that we can stand by. We carry Wash & Wax, Brightener, Cleaner solution, and more for every type of car care need. We also carry affordable and high-quality tire dressing and applicators to make your wheels stand out. If you want help cleaning and restoring your tires, contact DinoWax today for recommendations directly from the experts.


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