Does Car Detailing Enhance Value?

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There’s no denying that having a sleek, clean vehicle is impressive when you want to post pictures on Facebook and Twitter. But, does professional auto detailing provide anything beyond the superficial?

It turns out that when you clean your car and pursue car detailing services, you enhance the resale value of your car for potential buyers. Let’s dive into why this is the case.

Car Detailing Restores Paint Jobs 

Even with a regular car washing, the vehicle’s body is subject to regular wear and tear just from regular use, or even sitting in the driveway. Unless you keep it sheltered 24/7, your car will be exposed to weather, sunlight, and external conditions.

This natural exposure to the elements will inevitably cause fading, wear, or even rusting if you’re not careful. This wear and tear naturally plays a significant role in lowering the car’s value. If it was originally a higher price vehicle, you’re looking at a loss of thousands of dollars.

You can prevent and even reverse this process with regular car detailing.

Auto detailing experts know how to wash, dry, and polish the surface of your vehicle to remove scratches, marks, and protect the paint from weathering. Regular body work will leave your car as close to its original condition as possible. This increases your car value in the long-term.

A Clean Engine Bay is Attractive When Trying to Sell Your Car

Nothing makes buyers more skeptical than popping the hood and discovering filthy, rusted parts underneath. On the contrary, a clean and polished engine bay is very attractive and can significantly increase the value of your vehicle.

Car detailing includes regular wipe downs of engine parts with degreasers, water, and special dressing designed to protect parts from wear and cracking. The engine is arguably more important than anything else in your vehicle, since it’s what allows your vehicle to operate. Instilling buyer confidence in your engine is sure to earn you a bigger return on your investment than it would otherwise.

It Keeps the Interior in Good Condition as Well

Lastly, no one looking to buy a car wants to drive around in a vehicle with a shoddy, gross interior. Regular use of a vehicle, especially if you have children, makes it subject to wear, filth, food spills, pet hair, etc. All of this works into your interior fabric over time and requires regular cleaning to look and smell fresh.

This can be easily done with regular sweeping, shampooing, and protective conditioners to help your car stay clean and odor-free. So long as a car looks new and is maintained, buyers will be incentivized to pay more.

Enhance Your Car’s Value with Dinowax’s Car Detailing

Dinowax was founded on a mission to create the best car detailing products available. We understand that you want results from your car detailing, and our products will give your car value.  

Whether you need a wash, wax, or protective coating, Dinowax does it all. We offer an array of chemicals and high-quality detailing products to help you with the application.

For any other questions you may have regarding the car detailing process, contact us today for more information!

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