Car Care Products by Hand vs Automatic Wash

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Some people ask us, is there a noticeable difference between using car care products by hands vs. the automatic car wash?

The answer is simple: absolutely. It’s always a good idea to handle washing your car at home or with a professional. Here are some of the pros and cons of each.

Your Neighborhood Automatic Car Wash

A major positive of using drive-through car washes typically found near gas stations is time saved. You don’t need to worry about gathering the products or performing the work. You just pay your cleaning fee, drive through, and you’re finished.

Also, that’s about where the positives end. 

The Negatives of Automatic Car Washes

This quick method of washing unfortunately wreaks havoc on the body of your car and is sure to damage the paint over time. It’s a quick and dirty way to get your car clean, at least superficially. In reality, the materials used to rub the chemicals into your vehicle’s paint are very abrasive and are more likely to leave swirl marks, scratches, and water spotting. 

Additionally, this rough manner of car washing is just going to embed and scratch the body with dirt and debris that’s embedded in the paint. We explained in a previous post that your vehicle often needs a special touch to remove the dirt embedded in the car finish before doing the main wash. Otherwise, you’re just going to scratch and mark up the paint further.

Lastly, the chemicals used in these washes are frequently harsher than the recommended products. This is in an effort to ensure cars leave without dirt on the surface level. However, as we stated, it doesn’t address the problems underneath.

Hand Washing with Dinowax’s Car Care Products

Conversely, the number one thing you lose with hand washing is time. 

However, the tradeoff of protecting your vehicle’s quality and your investment is more than worth it.

Positives of Using Car Care Products by Hand

Cleaning your car by hand gives your vehicle the extra love and attention that it deserves. By taking the time to give your car a proper detailing, you are not only cleaning the vehicle, but removing embedded grime and protecting it from future wear and tear. 

Pressure washing, for example, greatly assists in removing the debris embedded in the top layer of paint. Without removing this, you are simply grinding the dirt back and forth across the body, leaving behind small scratches. Hand washing gives you an opportunity to deal with this, and then applying your main wash of choice. You’ll be able to do using appropriately delicate microfiber cloths that are great at removing grime, but don’t risk damaging your paint.

Lastly, you’ll have the opportunity to preserve your hard work by applying a fresh coat of wax. This helps to lock in the paint finish and protect it from external wear and tear. 

Protect Your Vehicle with Dinowax Car Care Products

We do what we do at Dinowax because we believe in the power of car detailing. We know how sensitive vehicle paint can be when using chemicals. That’s why we’ve created our own elite formula that’s superior to the competition on every level.

Stop wasting money and damaging your car with automated car washers. Start your journey to a cleaner vehicle by browsing our products. For more information, contact us today with all of your questions and concerns!

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