How to Use Car Care Products on Windows

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Many car owners don't know how to use car care products on windows effectively. One can never undersell the value of a crystal-clear window as it not only looks great but is imperative for maximum visibility on the road. Cleaning your windows is a relatively simple process that requires just a little bit of know-how and elbow grease.

Man cleaning car window

What Car Care Products Do I Need?

To achieve a deep clean, you're going to need a few handy auto detailing supplies. Make sure to pick up automotive glass cleaner, microfiber cloth, a cleaning sponge, distilled water, and a multi-surface finish restorer that is safe for window use. 

Save the Windows Until the End

Cleaning car windows should be the final step of a detail car cleaning. Doing so before will force you to repeat your work as you clean filth from the rest of the vehicle. You don't want dirt and grime to accumulate on your windows that you already cleaned. 

When you've handled the rest of the car cleaning and gave your vehicle the best tire shine possible, pull your vehicle into the shade. You're going to need your car to stay relatively cool to get the most out of the window cleaning process. Otherwise, you're likely to see water dry up quickly and leave behind water stains. 

Get Thorough with the Front Window

The front window sees the most amount of filth, dings, and smeared bugs from the oncoming roadway. Start the cleaning process by diluting the glass cleaner with the distilled water in a bucket or container. Proper dilution of all car care products will ensure optimum results. Use a sponge to clean the front and rear windows. Be sure to get all of the weird crevices and angles, as well as the wiper blades. Follow up by drying with a microfiber cloth. 

Roll the Windows Down

You might not think of it, but a small part of the window hides away when fully closed. Rolling down all of your side windows will allow you to wipe down every inch of the window and get rid of any built-up grime. You may want to clear the area directly above where the window slides into, as well.

Dealing with Uncooperative Dirt and Splatter

Sometimes a simple wipe down isn't going to cut it. Stubborn spots are prevalent when allowing a lot of time to expire in between washes. You can attempt to weaken and break down some of the filth by allowing a wet cloth to soak into the area. If that doesn't work, using a little bit of baking soda won't harm your window and generally works wonders in breaking down gunk.

Similarly, if your windows suffer from any water staining, you can make further use of the baking soda along with a little vinegar to help eliminate the eyesores. Just be sure to dry wet areas thoroughly so that they do not reform. 

Restore Them Like New

After all the cleaning, you may find a clean yet cloudy-looking window. Automotive or multi-surface glass restorer is the most effective among car wash products to remove trace amounts of minerals and dirt left behind by water. Spray the solution on, work into the glass using circular motions, and follow-up by buffing it out. Your glass will be as pristine as the day you purchased the vehicle.

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