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Tire Dressing will enhance the appearance of plastic, rubber and vinyl surfaces. Tire Dressing is a water-based silicone emulsion and contains no harmful solvents or alcohols, (VOC-Free). Tire Dressing is created with 100% pure silicone fluid, which we emulsify in-house using a proprietary blend of surfactant chemistry (like everything else). Our Tire Dressing emulsion is bulletproof, tested for years in Arizona desert extremes, where temperatures exceed 120°F in direct sunlight. 

We're asked all the time to provide Tire Dressing under private label.  Been there... done that... NEVER AGAIN.  This is the dressing our competitors can only wish for.

This thick formulation applies easily with a sponge or using our Green Short Handle Brush. Tire Dressing will not sling or harm paint. Can be used for interior surfaces. Will not turn brown. Your customers tires will look like a warm, glazed donut.

You will never find a better Tire Dressing than this!

Used by hundreds of professional detailers here in the OC every day on thousands of cars. Voted “Best Dressing” by our customers for its lasting shine. These guys know, they've tried them all. Scented with our custom "Cherry Pie" fragrance.




Ask a Question
  • Will this product remove or hide the brown on my tire's surface?

    That’s the old dressing. Hit the wet tire with a 4:1 of Degreaser. Keep it off your rims. Scrub with a wire brush. Rinse then apply our Tire Dressing. 

  • Hello I am a detailed I was wanting to know if this tire shine can also be used as a engine shine Thank you

    It can but I would use our Magic Shine for engine bays. Spray it on and let it soak. Then wipe down with a towel. Degreaser and enhance in one step.

  • Should this be diluted? What about using this on engine bays? Will diluting it make it more spray-able if you want to spray in engine or in wheel wells?

    Magic Shine is a better choice for engine bays. Solvent based and sprayable. Adding water to Tire Dressing will reduce viscosity but also the shine. 

  • Can or should you dilute this product? For tires, exterior trim, engine bays? I imagine this would be easier to apply to some trim and engine bay if it was diluted and more watery/sprayable.

    Not really dilutable. Adding water will lower viscosity and reduce shine. 

Customer Reviews

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Dinowax tire dressing

After a couple times of use it's still impressive the nice glazed donut look it give your tires, a little bit goes a long way so you can't beat the quality or price.

Tire Dressing

Hi all !..this tire dressing is awesome!...Dries fast and gives it a nice even finish. More layers will give a bit more shine. Looks good on my interior too! greasy feel either. At the end of the job, I accidentally used the cloth, still wet with the dressing, to wipe down the fabric seats....looks great!....

Love all these guys products

Tire shine leaves tires Matt black, stays on.

Tire dressing

Best tire dressing on the market


I’ve tried a lot of tire dressings in the past and this dressing hands down blows the rest out of the water! If you like that super Shiney fake look go save yourself some money and just buy some gloss spray paint but if you want a really nice tire dressing that doesn’t look like you just put plastic on your tire and that it actually last for a water based dressing then you’ve come to the right place!

Amazing stuff

It makes my tires look clean and shiny but not that oily finish the cheap stuff does. I’d buy this stuff by the drum if I could


Tire Dressing


This was a present so can't give a review on how it works but it did arrive on time.

Best tire shine ever

This stuff is top notch the best tire shine I've ever used. Works great on trim also and lasts a over a week in rainy weather and over a month in summer dry weather. Dirt and dust doesnt stick to it like gels and it doesnt sling off like the cheap stuff. Price is great and product is past professional quality.


Tire Dressing



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