16oz - Dinowax Arsenal Rack

We had an Insta' Sponsor post this picture of our WAX line in a cool gun-metal gray holding rack.  He had the rack attached to the interior wall of his van.  Some of our Insta' fans saw it and asked us to source the rack and make it available... so we did.  The rack is a medium gray powder coated, rolled steel construction.  Check out our WAX line to see our special offer.

Customer Reviews

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James Mann (Auburn, US)

Put it right on my detailing cart

Exssive Mobile Detailing, LLC. (Brooklyn, US)
Solid Wall Mount

Recently purchased this for my garage and was pleasantly surprised when I opened the box. The gauge of metal thickness makes this a very solid rack which holds and looks great.

jack Cummings (Alsip, US)
Arsenal Rack

I have not had a chance to put this up yet. But it is a very sturdy design. I can't wait to put it up.

Isaac Chauncey (Tampa, US)
Dinowax Arsenal Rack

As a 15 year professional detailer, you can imagine I'm pretty picky with my chemicals. I love trying new companies out and experimenting. When I received my arsenal rack, I was thoroughly impressed. Not only do they gave you a ton of *undiluted* chemicals but they also throw in a wall rack at the same price that the big names (starts with an A) charge just for the rack. The chemicals included were absolutely worth the price. If anything, I feel that they could charge at least 50% more as most of the 16oz bottles can make up to 2 gallons of material. I usually dont like to get all of my chemicals from one manufacturer but Dinowax is beginning to change that mindset.

Evelyn Ducheine (Kissimmee, US)

16oz - Dinowax Arsenal Rack

Austin Medrano (Yukon, US)
Clean, organized, efficient.

Gives a clean look for the garage. The price point is way better than the competitors & the quality is good. I wrapped mine is silver carbon fiber vinyl and it looks A LOT better. I hope they make them for 32oz bottles one day.

Professional Detail Mobile Service (Jackson, US)
Bottle holder

Does the bottle holder rack just hold 16 oz or 32 oz bottles also?

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