Magna Shine Paint Correction Mitt

Magna Shine Paint Correction Mitt - has a new polymer technology that is easier, safer, and faster to use than a traditional clay bar.

  1. Wash the vehicle as you normally would to remove the loose dirt and grime.
  2. Wipe dry.
  3. Use the Magna Shine Paint Correction Mitt along with a clay bar lubricant like our Show Shine Detail Spray (plain water is not an effective lubricant) and simply wipe the polymer coated side of the mitt over the contaminated surfaces.

Customer Reviews

Based on 5 reviews
Exssive Mobile Detailing, LLC. (Takoma Park, US)
Works Good But...

This mitt works good but still isn’t traditional clay, I’ll use this for clients who don’t need a deep clay treatment.
Thank you Dinowax,
Exssive Mobile Detailing, LLC.

I agree, but the mitt is not intended as a replacement for clay bar. It's literally meant for exactly what you stated, '...for clients who don't need a deep clay treatment'. For this application it's certainly 5 stars.

Sean Brown (Destrehan, US)
Clay mitt

Works great!

RL ('Ewa Beach, US)
Great item

Clay bars are dead this is so much better

Austin White (Monroe, US)
Great for quick decontamination!

this clay mitt is great for a quick decon before any paint correction or waxing. I wouldn't throw away your traditional clay bar just yet though because for severely contaminated paint i would still use a regular clay bar. hope this helps in your future purchase.

jason jolly (Aka) Detail_House
Angel hands

This is hands down the best clay mitt ever. I’ve had the clay and the clay blocks . But this cuts your time in half of all the rest . Super easy to clean and makes your paint feel super smooth. This product need to be in your arsenal.

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