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Serum PrepTM is a formulated solution of Sodium thioglycolate (NaTG) and other cleaners provided in a safe, concentrate form.  Serum Prep is used to remove ferrous (Iron-containing) particles embedded within the paint surface.  When these particles are left, they can cause a corrosive pitting.  Serum Prep reacts with these contaminants by forming Ferrous thioglycolate indicated by the appearance of a purple color development. 

Surface decontamination is the first step in the "paint correction" process.  Paint correction is necessary to fully realize the benefits of ceramic coatings. The better your "paint correction" the better the performance of the ceramic coating.

Supplied at 15% active solids.  Serum Prep is diluted prior to use by a 4:1 ratio for paint surface decontamination.  For wheel rim applications use 2:1 dilutions.  Serum Prep can be used in combination with Brightener from our CLEAN collection to turbo -charge cleaning of wheel rims.  Scented with our custom Mint fragrance to mask the natural sulfur smell of NaTG.   




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  • Just kidding! I fully read the description. No need to answer thank you for your time.

    No worries.

  • So just to be clear Serum Prep should be diluted 4:1? Is that ratio just for the paint or that is that in general? I seen the previous answer just want to double check. Thank You.

    Ratio for paint, correct.  We just feel that going heavy on paint with this chemical is not advised.

  • Can this be used/should be used with a clay bar to help remove contaminants and as a lubricant?

    I don't like mixing harsh with harsh.  A Clay Bar can be pretty harsh, as can Serum Prep.  better to use it with a proper lubricant.  Use the Serum Prep on its own as part of your paint prep process prior to application of Ceramic Serum.  Serum Prep can also be used at a 2:1 concentration (2 parts water to 1 part concentrate) over a wet rim as a wheel cleaner, even combined with Brightener.

  • Is this something that should/can be used on a vehicle that already has a ceramic coating applied (P&S Inspiration) Iron removers are the one thing I have zero experience with. Thanks! Dom

    Serum PrepTM can be used as a first step in the "paint correction" process,  It can alkso be combined or used alone to clean rims.  It's very concentrated so dilute at least 4:1 for use on the paint (follow directions). 
    If you already have a ceramic on the paint then use our Serum BoostTM to enhance the efects.  Serum BoostTM works great, even on our competitors ceramic coating.

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rich c.

Have your ceramic serum applied to my 2019 Rave Black Platinum CT6....Unbelievable shine, depth, it lasts.

It's ok

Tried this on wheels the other day both diluted 2:1, 4:1, and just straight out of the bottle didn't bleed at all and with very disappointing results.

Serum PrepTM is designed for paint application. It can be used on wheel rims at more concentrated levels. Serum Prep contains NaTG which reacts with Iron oxide (Fe2O3) to form an Iron complex indicated by a purple color change. If you use Serum PrepTM on an Aluminum rim, no complex will forms and no color change. If the rim is coated, very little complex will forms and no color change. If the rim is painted, little complex will form and very little color develops. The point is, if little complex forms then it's not due to the product, but due to the reaction. Our Serum PrepTM does NOT contain pigments or dyes to mimic the Iron complex formation. Many competitive products are now doing this. I am posting this review, regardless of the number of stars, to illustrate the fact our reviews are real. We also pride ourselves in teaching knowledge of the the fundamentals of not only the USE of our products, but also the HOW our products work. This information is essential if you wish to excel as a professional detailer.
Works great

Works great and for the price it’s amazing


Benny you the man brother!

Serum prep

Great product. You can't beat the value, with a 4:1 dilution ratio. Not as potent as IronX. But still very effective. It also doesn't smell nearly as bad as some other fallout removal products. I will certainly buy this again...soon!!!!

Iron X is designed mainly as a wheel rim cleaner. We designed our Serum Prep mainly for paint. Although our Prep can be used on rims, we're cautious to recommend this application because of the reactions with metal. NaTG will corrode metal surfaces and we just don't feel it's a great idea to use on wheel rims with exposed brake calipers on a regular basis.
Serum prep

This product works as it should and I will continue to purchase. Let’s figure out a better shipping method!

Great value decon product

The few times i’ve had to use this it works well. reacts quickly and turns metals purple. love the concentration and dilution options.

Good product!!

I use this all the time and it works very well. This product doesn’t smell as bad as others but it still stinks. With the 4:1 dilution, it is also a great value.


Best stuff on the market!

Serum prep

Good chemical decon product



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