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High gloss synthetic paint and plastic sealant. Synthetic Sealant is a non-wax formulation, fortified with Teflon®  that is composed of reactive molecules that deliver maximum shine. This advanced chemistry will provide an exceptional detergent resistant gloss for months. Scented with our custom "Green Apple" fragrance. *Patent Pending*

SHINE properties run 5 to 0, with 5 as the highest.

CUT properties run 0 to 5, with 0 as the highest.

Synthetic Sealant is a 5 for SHINE, no CUT and has more SHINE than Express Wax. Silicone-Free. 

**All Dinowax products in the WAX collection can be mixed on the paint surface to further customize performance characteristics.


Ask a Question
  • Hey, just wanted to know can this sealant be used on headlights and glass? Also, I would like to know which product of cleaner can be used safely to decontaminate the car?

    Yes, actually the last step in polishing headlights. 
    Use Serum PrepTM for decontamination at 3:1 or 4:1. 

  • How does this product get applied?just spray on and wipe off? Video?

    Yes, that’s it. Search our video page or YouTube page for some guys putting it to work. 

  • Can these products be safely used on a 28 yr old classic car paint I have a original Iroc camaro the car is white an would like it to look pop when cleaned an waxed

    Absolutely! No abrasives in Synthetic Sealant. 

  • can the sealant get on the trim pieces? chrome, plastic etc

    Yes, it does not contain abrasives.  It's just a vehicle for shine enhancement.

  • Can you apply a coat of your wax over the sealant for that extra pop and protection?

    Sealant is pure shine.  Wax will not add anything to the game.

  • Is your Synthetic Sealant similar to Top Coat Formula F11? Will you get the same results without using the ceramic coating. I like the price of your product. We just purchased a Mazda CX-5 and I have been using Mother's Synthetic wax. It's not the easiest keeping it of the black plastic trim. Can your product be used on entire vehicle including windows. Would love to order some but sceptical. One last question. Whats the difference between Teflon and Silicon?

    IDK about Top Coat.  Our Synthetic Sealant is very popular as a simple wipe-on/wipe-off types finishing product.  It doesn't contain any abrasive and is design simply to give high shine.  Silicon is an element, silicon dioxide is basically sand and not part of the Synthetic Sealant formula.  Teflon or PTFE (polytetraflouroethylene) is a man made compound used as a lubricant.  We put this in all of our wax products to help in towel glide and ease of removal.

  • How long do the shine last six months nine months or year on the car

    One application followed with regular care and application of Show Shine to finish has lasted 18mos on my car. 

Customer Reviews

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Excellent Shine

easy on easy off left my paint shinning will use this from now on for sure love their products !


This goes on and off with ease. Leaves a deep shine and a nice slick feeling to the paint.

Synthetic sealant

Haven't used it yet. I am a detailer and use several different products. Just from the looks of it it's going to be very good. Also smells good.


Good product

Looks and feel great!

Used for the first time today on a detail on a white car. The customer was super happy with the results. A little hard to take off in some spots, but that may have been the 116* weather I was using it in. The car felt like glass after Serum Prep, claying and Synthetic Sealant. Another great product.

Ceramic coating

Can this be used over a ceramic coating.

Really designed as a perfect sealant for all surfaces. If your looking for a 'Spray Ceramic' then we have your product in Serum BoostTM. Check out the PROTECT line. Serum Boost is the industries first TRUE 'Spray Ceramic' having the same actives as our Ceramic SerumTM. Patent Pending
Good Job

Looking good


I've used this sealant once on my personal vehicle about (4) months ago. Still holding up really well. Beading is still present and glass like finish is awesome!


This stuff I great! Easy on easy off
Awesome shine!

Nice wet look

I applied it to my girlfriends car using a low speed DA let it haze up and easily wiped off. Left a beautiful finish



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