Cleaning Your Car Interior

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You care how your car looks from the outside, but if you’re like most drivers, you’re spending most of your time sitting inside the car. Does it look nice, or could it use some cleaning up? In this article, we’ll guide you through how you can keep your car clean: the steps you should take, the car interior shampoo you should use, and more.


How to Start Cleaning Your Car

Before you start compiling your car wash products, you want to take care of the biggest messes in your car. Whether you’re taking out trash, recyclables, or just organizing items you want to keep in your vehicle, it’s good to start here. If you leave these items laying around the car, they’ll get in the way when you’re applying car wash products.

Using Car Wash Products

Now you’re ready to properly clean your car. It’s best to start with a vacuum to get rid of any crumbs or detritus that might be in your car. After that, we’re working from the top of your car to the bottom. So you’ll want to clean the windows with a glass cleaner, then wipe down the central console and dashboard.

What you use to clean your car seats will vary based on their material. Vinyl, plastic, and leather all require different materials, so you’ll want to check the cleaner you’re using to make sure it’s designed for your car’s material.

Then, you’re ready for car interior shampoo.

Car Carpet Shampoo Will Make You Feel Better About the Appearance of Your Car

If you care about your car, the last thing you want to see is a stain. Whether you’ve bought a new car, or you’ve just had it detailed, or you really, really care about how it looks, a stain in the interior can make it look like you don’t care!

That’s why car interior shampoo is so important; as opposed to products that aren’t designed for your car, which can end up making the situation worse, car carpet shampoo will actually help you clean your interior.

Check out our car interior shampoo. It’s strong enough to cut through the deepest stains. And if you want to be more delicate? You can dilute it up to 4x!

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