Tire Shine Spray FAQ

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If you care about your car’s appearance, you need to get tire shine spray. Many people don’t realize it’s important because they don’t take care of their car’s tires. But the truth is, tires wear down faster than any other part of your car. After all, they’re constantly moving against the road when you drive.

If you care about what you’re driving – if you’re spending tens of thousands of dollars to make sure you’re driving in a beautiful machine – don’t let beaten-up wheels make your car look cheap. 

Why Do I Need Tire Shine Spray?

Tire shine spray is designed to prevent the aging of your tires. You know how tires begin to crack, making them look old? Tire shine spray prevents that. As well, it literally makes the tires look shinier.

Is Tire Shine Bad for Tires?

Good brands aren’t! If you’re getting tire shine in an aerosol can, or if it’s made with petroleum, it can be bad for your tires. That’s why we make our shine with 100% silicone fluid.

How Long Does It Take to Apply Tire Shine?

It should take you less than a minute for each tire you’re spraying.

How Often Should I Apply Tire Shine?

The best tire shine product will last for at least three weeks. Some products won’t last as long if you’re driving through the rain or snow. As well, some products wear off in the heat. You’ll know when it’s time to reapply because your tires will start to lose their shine.

Do I Really Need the Best Tire Shine Product, or Can I Go with a Second-Rate Brand?

If you’ve just spent all that money detailing your car, you want the best, don’t you? The best tire shine will last the longest. This means you won’t have to continue reapplying it, even if you’re driving through rain. As well, different shines will have different looks.

What’s the Best Tire Shine Product on the Market?

We may be biased, but our professional-grade tire shine has been voted “Best Dressing” by our customers. It’s been used in climates of up to 120 degrees, and we’re proud of the value, durability, and look it gives tires.

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