How Often Should You Detail Your Car?

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If you’re looking at car detailing supplies, it’s fair to say you probably care about your car’s appearance. But at a certain point, you may wonder if your efforts are worthwhile or if they’ve become counter-productive. Below, we’ll explain how often you should detail your car. As well, we’ll note if there are times when you might be detailing your car too often.

What Kind of Car Detailing Services Should I Get?

How often you need to detail your car will vary based on how you choose to do it. There are three kinds of professional car detailing services you can get, which are differentiated by where you get them: a traveling detailer, a car wash/shop, or a car dealership.

You can usually expect these three categories of car detailer to provide three different types of services. Traveling detailers offer the quickest detail jobs because they’re not able to transport the same amount of equipment you can find at a physical location.

The services offered by a car wash or shop will be more extensive, since they have access to more materials. However, if you get your car detailed at a dealership, you can generally expect the most thorough job. The staff at car dealerships usually have extensive car detailing experience, since they need to get cars looking as nice as possible before they’re sold.

Of course, the quality of these services is to no small degree dependent on the supplies they use. Oftentimes, you can perform car detailing services yourself. You just need to buy professional-grade supplies. Below, we’ll discuss how often you should detail your car if you’re doing it yourself.

How Often Should You Apply Tire Shine to Your Car?

Generally speaking, you don’t need to apply tire shine more than once every three weeks. Luckily, tire shine is easy to apply and doesn’t take long, so you can simply give it a quick spray if you’re unsatisfied with its current appearance.

Should You Wax Your Car Every Week?

At a certain point, you’re no longer really waxing your car. You’re applying wax to the wax that’s already on the car, which doesn’t affect its appearance or protect it. The maximum car waxing schedule we recommend is twice a week.

Want to Get Professional-Grade Car Detailing Supplies?

Dinowax has you covered. We offer a broad variety of products that are designed to have your car looking its absolute best. Our tire shine was voted “Best Dressing”, while our wax is balanced perfectly for protection and swirl removal.

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